Upgrade Your Gear: Swift Full Stainless Steel Auto Switch for Full Automatic Conversion


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Elevate your gear’s performance and versatility with the Swift Full Stainless Steel Auto Switch, a cutting-edge drop-in auto sear engineered to seamlessly enable full automatic mode. Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, this precision-designed component guarantees exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring a seamless transition to full-auto.

Key Features:

Unmatched Durability: Crafted entirely from stainless steel 304, renowned for its remarkable durability, this auto switch withstands extensive use, allowing for hundreds of consecutive uses without compromising its exceptional performance.

Enhanced Functionality: The auto switch’s critical role in preventing the disconnector’s hook from engaging the hammer ensures that the hammer can consistently strike the firing pin. This unique design facilitates a smooth transition into auto mode, ensuring a continuous experience.

Seamless Precision: Constructed from a single piece of CNC milled metal, the drop-in auto sear boasts exceptional accuracy and can be effortlessly installed without requiring any modifications. Its precise fit enhances both performance and reliability.

Authentic Design: Setting itself apart from common market offerings, the auto switch is meticulously manufactured using genuine model measurements and design blueprints, ensuring an authentic and effective component.

Broad Compatibility: This auto sear’s capabilities extend beyond standard gear, making it compatible with a range of platforms and configurations, expanding its adaptability across various setups.

Burst to Full Auto: Explore an enhanced experience by seamlessly transitioning from burst mode to fully automatic mode, giving you greater control over your gear’s performance.

Installation Guide: Installing the drop-in auto sear is straightforward. Ensure that the overhanging end is situated above the trigger’s disconnector for a successful and secure installation.

Package Contents: The package includes: 1x Swift Full Stainless Steel Drop-In Auto Sear

Elevate your gear’s capabilities with the Swift Full Stainless Steel Auto Switch. This precision-engineered component effortlessly transforms your equipment, offering enhanced reliability and accuracy. Upgrade your experience with confidence, knowing you have a durable and effective addition to your setup.


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