Upgrade Your AR15 Swift Full Stainless Steel Auto Switch for Full Automatic Conversion


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Elevate your AR15’s performance and versatility with the Swift Full Stainless Steel Auto Switch, a cutting-edge drop-in auto sear engineered to seamlessly enable full automatic mode. Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, this precision-designed component guarantees exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring a seamless transition to full-auto firing.

? Key Features:

Unmatched Durability: Crafted entirely from stainless steel 304, renowned for its remarkable durability, this auto switch withstands extensive use, allowing for hundreds of consecutive frame pushes without compromising its exceptional performance.

Enhanced Auto Functionality: The auto switch’s critical role in preventing the disconnector’s hook from engaging the hammer ensures that the hammer can consistently strike the firing pin. This unique design facilitates a smooth transition into auto mode, ensuring a continuous firing experience.

Seamless Precision: Constructed from a single piece of CNC milled metal, the AR15 drop-in auto sear boasts exceptional accuracy and can be effortlessly installed without requiring any modifications. Its precise fit enhances both performance and reliability.

Authentic Design: Setting itself apart from common market offerings, the AR 15 Auto switch is meticulously manufactured using genuine model measurements and design blueprints, ensuring an authentic and effective component.

Broad Compatibility: This auto sear’s capabilities extend beyond standard AR15s, making it compatible with military variants such as M16, M16A1, M4, and M4A1, expanding its adaptability across various platforms and configurations.

Burst to Full Auto: Explore an enhanced shooting experience by seamlessly transitioning from burst mode to fully automatic mode, giving you greater control over your firearm’s performance.

?? Installation Guide: Installing the drop-in auto sear is straightforward. Pass one end under the TAKEDOWN PIN (or remove the TAKEDOWN PIN) and position the other end above the SAFETY SELECT. Ensure that the overhanging end is situated above the trigger’s disconnector for a successful and secure installation.

? Package Contents: The package includes: 1x Swift Full Stainless Steel AR15 Drop-In Auto Sear

Elevate your AR15’s capabilities with the Swift Full Stainless Steel Auto Switch. This precision-engineered component effortlessly transforms your firearm into full automatic mode, offering enhanced reliability and accuracy. Upgrade your shooting experience with confidence, knowing you have a durable and effective addition to your firearm setup.


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