Seamless Stainless Steel Threaded Adapter 12-28 ID Female to 58-24 OD Male Precision CNC Convertor


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Take your threaded adapter experience to the next level with our precision-engineered Stainless Steel 1/2-28 ID Female to 5/8-24 OD Male Threaded Adapter. Crafted for unrivaled precision and lasting durability, this adapter seamlessly bridges the gap between your accessories. With internal threads of 1/2×28 and external threads of 5/8×24, it ensures a secure and exact fit for your components.

Engineered from high-grade stainless steel, this adapter features a hex outer diameter of 3/4 inch and a compact overall length of 0.78 inches, facilitating effortless installation. The extended length of the outer threads guarantees a steadfast attachment to your accessory. Trust in the CNC-cut threads for a seamless and hassle-free installation process. Each adapter undergoes meticulous scrutiny using go/no go thread gauges to ensure impeccable sizing accuracy.

Included in Package: 1 x Stainless Steel 1/2-28 ID to 5/8-24 OD Threaded Adapter

Experience the ease of installation and the dependable performance of our premium threaded adapter. Elevate your firearm setup with this top-tier precision CNC convertor, designed to seamlessly integrate your accessories. Enjoy the assurance of a secure fit and the reliability that comes with craftsmanship.


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