Optimize Filtration and Heat Management with the 6″ L 1.73″ OD Aluminum Metric Solvent Trap Fuel Filter Kit(1/2×28 + 5/8×24)


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Experience the pinnacle of solvent filtration efficiency with the high-quality Aluminum Metric Solvent Trap Fuel Filter Kit. This meticulously designed kit brings a new level of precision to your solvent management, featuring spiral cups and a skirtless cup design that’s engineered for enhanced filtration and superior heat management.

Designed for Excellence: Step into a new era of solvent filtration. Our kit is carefully crafted with efficiency as the forefront, revolutionizing the way you manage your solvents. The spiral cups and skirtless cup design work harmoniously to deliver optimal performance.

Spiral Radial Cup Innovation: Innovative to the core, the spiral radial cup design sets this kit apart. Especially effective for subsonic speeds like .45 and 9mm, this hybrid solution redefines filtration. Cool air effortlessly circulates within the tube, thanks to the spiraled cup stack. This ingenious design optimizes heat dissipation through the spacer, ensuring impeccable heat management.

Specifications that Impress:

  • Material: Full Aluminum 7075
  • Outer Diameter: 1.73″
  • Overall Length: 6″
  • Industry Standard Thread: 1-3/16X24 TPI

Comprehensive Package: Your investment is met with a comprehensive package designed to empower your filtration journey:

  • 1x Tube with anti-slip knurling
  • 6x Spiral Baffle Cups
  • 1x Skirtless Cup
  • 1x Front Spacer
  • 2x Threaded End Cap (1/2×28 + 5/8×24)
  • 1x Sealed End Cap
  • 1x TPI Adapter for Booster

Elevate Filtration and Heat Management: Efficiency knows no bounds with the Aluminum Metric Solvent Trap Fuel Filter Kit. As you optimize your filtration, you’re also transforming your heat management capabilities. Expect nothing less than exceptional performance from your solvents.

Unlock the Future of Filtration: It’s more than just a kit; it’s a commitment to innovation and excellence. Elevate your filtration system with a solution that’s designed to redefine efficiency. Upgrade today and experience the power of precise solvent management. Your search for superior performance ends here.


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