Enhance Firearm Performance: Universal Muzzle Booster with 1.375×24 TPI


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Unlock the full potential of your pistol or sub-gun with our Universal Muzzle Booster, designed to seamlessly integrate silencers with a 1.375×24 TPI mounting pitch. This booster assembly not only broadens the compatibility of your silencer but also simplifies both installation and upkeep. Engineered to accommodate a Rugged Piston, it ensures flawless operation and cycling for Browning action pistols, tailoring its performance to the specific thread pitch of your firearm.

Key Features:

  • Weight: A lightweight design at just 6.56oz (186g), minimizing impact on handling.
  • Booster Threads: Universal 1.375×24 (1-3/8×24) compatibility, offering a wide range of silencer connections.
  • Dimensions: Compact yet efficient with dimensions of 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.15 inches, requiring a minimum blast chamber length of 2.3 inches for optimal functionality.

Compatibility Highlights:

  • Fits seamlessly with SilenceCo Omega 36M, Hybrid 46M, and more.
  • Supports SilenceCo Pistons and 3-lug Mounts, enhancing adaptability.

Our Muzzle Booster is the perfect upgrade for firearm enthusiasts seeking improved silencer performance and compatibility. Ensure your pistol or sub gun operates at its peak with this essential accessory.

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1/2X28, 5/8X24


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