Full Stainless Steel Fuel Filter Ultimate Solvent Management Tool for Various Applications 6″ L, 1.4″ OD, 1/2-28 or 5/8-24 Thread


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Elevate your solvent management to a new level with the Full Stainless Steel Fuel Filter. This powerhouse tool is meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled durability and efficiency, providing you with a reliable solution for various applications. Constructed from top-tier 304 Stainless Steel and fortified with a robust Anodized Coating, this fuel filter guarantees exceptional performance and long-lasting reliability. Packed with features tailored for optimal functionality, the Full Stainless Steel Fuel Filter is an indispensable asset in your toolkit.

Unveiling Unmatched Features:

Solid Stainless Steel Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision from Full 304 Stainless Steel, both in the tube and inner core, and enhanced with a hard Anodized Coating, this filter redefines durability.

Threaded for Your Needs: Choose between 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 thread options to seamlessly integrate the filter into your setup.

Precision Filtration: Boasting an optimal outer diameter of 1.4” OD and featuring an internal hole diameter of 0.400” ID, this filter ensures efficient and reliable filtration.

Versatile Length: With a total length of 6”, this filter is tailor-made for a diverse range of tasks, making it a versatile companion.

Form Meets Function:

Striking Aesthetics, Pragmatic Design: The sleek black color not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures practicality, enhancing the overall appeal.

Experience the Power of Stainless Steel:

Beyond Fuel Filtration: This tool is not just a fuel filter; it’s also a dryer and cleaner, thanks to its robust construction that guarantees strength, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Endless Possibilities: The package includes two end caps, which can be interchanged with nuts, opening doors to multifaceted applications.

Reliability in Your Hands:

Unyielding Durability: Stainless steel’s remarkable resilience shines through, ensuring distortion-free performance even after extensive use.

Ergonomic Design: Weighing in at just 600g (1.33lb), the filter offers exceptional grip, enhancing usability and control.

Elevate Your Solvent Management:

The Full Stainless Steel Fuel Filter redefines what a tool can be, combining robust durability, efficient performance, and user-friendly design in one comprehensive package.

Experience the convenience of a reliable and efficient tool that simplifies your solvent management tasks. Embrace the future of solvent filtration with the Full Stainless Steel Fuel Filter – where durability, efficiency, and ease of use converge to transform your experience.

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1/2-28, 5/8-24


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