Experience Ultimate Filtration Excellence with the 6.9 Inch Solvent Trap Fuel Filter Kit Featuring Enhanced Design, K Cup, and Storage Cups (1/2×28 + 5/8×24)


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Elevate your solvent filtration system to a new realm of excellence with the cutting-edge 6.9-inch Solvent Trap Fuel Filter Kit. Painstakingly crafted for unparalleled performance, this kit stands as a testament to ingenuity, offering an array of meticulously designed components that guarantee efficient filtration, unwavering durability, and safeguarding of your valuable assets.

Unveiling Enhanced Design: Prepare for the extraordinary. This kit boasts a meticulously enhanced design that defies conventional limits. With a CNC stainless steel spacer, a front cup, aluminum storage cups, and a K Cup stainless steel storage cup, it’s engineered to not just meet but exceed your filtration expectations.

Ample Space, Optimal Flow: Embrace storage prowess. The extended length accommodates 8 storage cups with the spacer, ensuring you have ample room for your filtration needs. This carefully calculated design contributes to an optimal gas and fuel flow, promising unparalleled efficiency.

Strength in Every Detail: Durability redefined. The components feature thicker walls, elevating their rigidity and lifespan. The tube, constructed from high-strength 7075 aluminum, epitomizes lightweight resilience, ensuring it’s ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Aesthetic and Functional Elegance: Form meets function seamlessly. The round tube design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about optimizing functionality. Prepare to be impressed by its graceful appearance and its ability to deliver peak performance.

Quick Swapping, Secure Seal: Simplicity in action. The end cap threading enables swift and hassle-free swapping, while the sealed design of the end caps, complete with dents at the true center on both sides, ensures a secure seal for your peace of mind.

Sleek Anodized Finish: Beauty with purpose. The sleek black anodized finish not only enhances the kit’s appearance but also offers an added layer of protection, safeguarding your investment from the elements.

Precise Specifications:

  • Storage Tube:
    • Material: 7075 Aluminum
    • Measurements: 1.25″ OD, 1.165″ ID, 6.8″ Length
  • End Caps:
    • 1 Sealed Design End Cap with center dents
    • 2 End Caps with threaded holes (1/2×28 + 5/8×24 Thread)
  • Spacer:
    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    • Measurements: 1.0″ OD, 1.68″ Length
  • Storage Cups (Set of 8):
    • 1 Pcs 304 Stainless Steel Storage Cup
    • 7 Pcs 7075 Aluminum Storage Cups with mouse hole for optimal flow
    • Dimensional design divots on both ends
    • 1.115″ OD, 0.6” height
    • Bottom lip for a tight seal

Unleash Filtration Excellence: Elevate your filtration game with the industry’s best. The 6.9 Inch Solvent Trap Fuel Filter Kit redefines what’s possible, delivering unmatched performance, unparalleled durability, and efficient flow. It’s time to revolutionize your filtration system with confidence in its remarkable quality and performance. Upgrade today and embrace the pinnacle of filtration excellence.


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