Enhance Solvent Management with the Single Core Aluminum Solvent Trap 6.3‘’ L, 1.15‘’ OD, 1/2X28, 5/8X24 End Cap


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Introducing the Single Core Aluminum Solvent Trap – your versatile and durable solution for elevated solvent management. Expertly crafted from high-quality 7075 Aluminum and fortified with a robust Anodized Coating, this solvent trap guarantees enhanced durability, solidifying its position as a reliable addition to your toolkit. With thoughtfully designed features optimized for efficiency and ease of use, the Single Core Aluminum Solvent Trap stands as an indispensable asset across a spectrum of applications.

Unlocking Outstanding Features:

Exemplary Build: Crafted from premium 7075 Aluminum and coated with a hard Anodized finish, this solvent trap boasts unmatched durability and longevity.

Thread Options: Tailor your experience by selecting either the 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 thread options (please specify in your message) to seamlessly integrate with your equipment.

Precision in Dimensions: Featuring a 1.15” outer diameter and a Single Piece Element with a 0.300” inner diameter, this trap ensures efficient containment of solvents.

Versatile Length: With a total length of 6.3”, this solvent trap is designed to excel in various applications, accommodating your needs.

Color Your Way: Choose between black or grey finishes to match your personal preference and style.

Versatility at its Core:

Multipurpose Marvel: The Single Core Aluminum Solvent Trap shines as a fuel filter, dryer, and cleaner – its monolithic construction offers a myriad of benefits, including strength, reliability, easy upkeep, and a minimized risk of small parts getting misplaced.

Enhanced Versatility:

Customize Your Usage: Swap out end caps with nuts for diverse applications, adding a new layer of versatility to your toolkit.

Strength Meets Lightweight Design: Engineered for long-term usage, this solvent trap strikes the perfect balance between strength and lightweight design. It is built to endure while remaining lighter than stainless steel, all at a more affordable price point than titanium alternatives.

Elevate Your Solvent Management:

The Single Core Aluminum Solvent Trap is more than a tool – it’s your key to efficient and reliable solvent management. Elevate your capabilities with a solution that brings efficiency, durability, and convenience together in a compact, user-friendly package.

Transform your solvent management tasks with the Single Core Aluminum Solvent Trap – where performance meets innovation, all for an unparalleled experience.

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1/2X28, 5/8X24


black, grey


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