Elevate Your Firearm Maintenance with the Complete Solvent Trap Kit Stainless Steel Cups 1.45″OD 7″L Aluminum Tube 1/2-28+5/8-24 Threads


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Elevate the effectiveness of your firearm maintenance with the Complete Solvent Trap Kit, featuring a robust 1.45″OD 7″L Aluminum Tube paired with high-performance Stainless Steel Cups. This comprehensive kit is meticulously engineered to optimize the filtration efficiency of your firearm while offering compatibility across a wide spectrum of calibers. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your Napa 4003 or Wix 24003 filter, this kit delivers exceptional value and versatility for discerning firearm enthusiasts.

Unveiling Comprehensive Excellence:

All-inclusive Kit: This kit comprises a premium Aluminum Tube (with Stainless Steel Cups) designed to endure the rigors of firearm maintenance.

Precision in Dimensions: The kit boasts an outer diameter of 1.450″, an inner diameter of 1.250″, and an overall length of 7.00″, ensuring an optimized fit for various setups.

Experience the Contents:

The package includes a carefully curated assortment of components:

  • 1x Aluminum Tube
  • 9x Stainless Steel Cups
  • 3x Caps (featuring 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and a solid cap)
  • 1x M34x1.25 to 1-3/16×24 Adapter
  • 1x Booster (Please select appropriate size)

Precision Performance with the Booster:

The booster assembly is a pivotal component of this kit, ensuring smooth cycling of pistols when a suppressor is attached to the barrel end.

Optimized Compatibility: Designed for pistols utilizing a browning-type action, such as Sig Sauer, HK, and more, for reliable cycling.

Lightweight Excellence: Weighing a mere 3.0oz, the booster assembly incorporates a piston for enhanced functionality.

Caliber Versatility: Booster threads are M34x1.25, suitable for centerfire pistol ammo on semi-auto handguns, and are compatible with a wide range of boosters for Beretta, SIG, S&W, H&K, and beyond.

Compatible Calibers for Enhanced Versatility:

5-8 x 24 Compatible Calibers:

.308, 45 ACP, .40, 30-30, 30-06, 300, 333 Lapua, 6.5 Grendel

1-2 x 28 Compatible Calibers:

.22, 9mm, 17HMR, 5.7×28, 5.56, .223, .243, .270

Elevate Your Firearm Experience:

Upgrade your firearm maintenance regimen with the all-encompassing Complete Solvent Trap Kit. Crafted for durability, performance, and efficient filtration, this kit is an indispensable addition to your firearm toolkit. Elevate your shooting experience with the Complete Solvent Trap Kit, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility across an extensive range of calibers.

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