Elevate Your Filtration Game with the 1.56″OD 7.9″L Aluminum Solvent Filter, Featuring Stainless Steel Cups and Hybrid Design (1/2×28 + 5/8×24)

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Discover the epitome of filtration excellence with the meticulously crafted 1.56″OD 7.9″L Aluminum Solvent Filter. Engineered for unrivaled performance, this filter showcases a hybrid design that marries an aluminum base with a stainless steel skirted cup and eight stainless steel radial cups. This synergy of materials ensures not just filtration but optimal filtration for your cleaning needs.

Crafted for Performance: Performance is at the heart of this filter. Crafted from durable aluminum for the tube and spacer, and complemented by robust stainless steel cups, this solution is designed to stand the test of time, delivering peak performance whenever you need it.

Innovative Hybrid Design: Prepare for groundbreaking innovation. The hybrid design introduces a stainless steel skirted cup alongside eight stainless steel radial cups, forging a path to enhanced filtration efficiency. Experience filtration in a league of its own.

Precise Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum Tube, Aluminum Spacer, and Stainless Steel Cups
  • Outer Diameter: 1.56″
  • Inner Diameter: 1.42″
  • Tube Length: 7.9″

Caliber Versatility: Unleash versatility in your filtration. The included end caps offer compatibility across an array of calibers, ensuring this filter adapts to your needs:

  • 5/8 x 24 Compatible Calibers: .308, 45 ACP, .40, 30-30, 30-06, 300, 333 Lapua, 6.5 Grendel
  • 1/2 x 28 Compatible Calibers: .22, 9mm, 17HMR, 5.7×28, 5.56, .223, .243, .270

Comprehensive Package: Your investment delivers more than just a filter; it delivers a comprehensive package designed to empower your filtration journey:

  • 1x Aluminum Tube
  • 1x Aluminum Spacer
  • 1x Stainless Steel Skirted Cup
  • 8x Stainless Steel Radial Cups
  • 1x Sealed End Cap
  • 2x End Caps (1/2×28 + 5/8×24 Thread Mount)
  • 1x Wrench

Elevate Filtration Excellence: Transform your filtration setup into a powerhouse of efficiency. The 1.56″OD 7.9″L Aluminum Solvent Filter offers more than filtration; it offers an elevated experience, backed by durability and innovation.

Upgrade Today: Don’t settle for ordinary. Upgrade your solvent filtration setup with confidence, knowing you’re investing in a solution that promises unparalleled performance. Take your filtration to new heights and experience the difference firsthand. Your journey to exceptional solvent management starts here.


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