Master Your Firearm Control: Aluminium Alloy Glock Automatic Selector Switch for G17, G19, G22, G23, G26


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Elevate your tactical gear and revolutionize your shooting experience with the Aluminium Alloy Glock Automatic Selector Switch. This precision-engineered switch is designed to optimize firearm control and enhance shooting performance for Glock models G17, G19, G22, G23, and G26.

Constructed from durable Aluminium Alloy, this selector switch epitomizes longevity and dependability. Its automatic selector feature enables seamless transitions between full-auto and semi-auto modes, providing adaptability to match your shooting preferences.

Purpose-built to accommodate both sear and slide modifications, this switch offers exceptional versatility without necessitating specialized tools or advanced skills. Its effortless drop-in design ensures a significant impact on your firearm’s control with minimal effort.

? Important Notes:

Optimal Functionality: For optimal performance, minor modifications may be advised. Consult the comments section or contact our customer service for insights into modification and installation methods.

Training or Teaching Focus: This product is exclusively intended for training or teaching purposes. Make an informed purchase decision, as unreasonable returns cannot be accepted. We disclaim responsibility for any post-sales concerns.

?? Customization and Ordering:

Available in Silver: The switch is currently offered in a stylish silver color, blending seamlessly with your firearm.

Customization Opportunity: Customize your order with a minimum quantity of 50 units.

Customization Process: Customization entails an approximate 20-day production period and requires a 50% deposit.

Shipping Choices: Choose between US or China shipping options at checkout.

? Package Includes:

1x Connector Pin (Sear) 1x Disconnector (Backplate) 1x Selector Switch

Experience enhanced firearm control and performance like never before with our Aluminium Alloy Glock Automatic Selector Switch. Elevate your shooting capabilities and explore the seamless transition between firing modes, all while benefiting from the durability and convenience this switch brings to your Glock arsenal.



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